Gaza Demo

POW Productions makes  documentaries, campaign and arts films which give a voice to people, organisations and communities that have something that needs to be seen and heard.

The Gulf War

Pictures of Women

Reporter:Tessa Shaw    Editor: Mic Dixon   Director: Christine Pearce

Channel 4 Critical Eye 52 mins

Channel 4 Critical Eye 52 mins

Channel 4 Critical Eye 52 mins

The Other War

As one of the first teams into Iraq just days after the end of the war, POW's film reveals the devastating effects of the bombing and UN sanctions on the civilian population.

The Dirty War

The third film in the series for Channel 4's Critical Eye exposes the hidden human cost of the conflict which became a laboratory of modern warfare.

Quick War, Slow Death

As the British Government continues to deny the existence of a Gulf War   Sickness we reveal disturbing evidence  of birth defects and  illness across the UK.


Free Kuwait?

As Kuwaitis celebrate their liberation we reveal the reality behind the myth of a Free Kuwait as the government pursues a policy of ethnic cleansing.

Channel 4 Critical Eye 52 mins


A six part series of provocative and controversial films for Channel 4 TV.

Channel 4  6 x 52 mins

Prod. Christine Pearce

The Tip of the Iceberg

The breast in Western culture. A film for BBC Arena.


BBC  60 mins

Dir: Christine Pearce

Editor: Mic Dixon

Words in Action

Women writers share their words in this documentary for Channel 4 TV.

Channel 4 Critical Eye 52 mins

Prod: Christine Pearce

Litza Janscz

A Minority Pastime

Slad Valley resident Nisa Ward is catapulted into the shocking world of hunting.

Films for Action 96 mins

Dir: Mic Dixon

Music and Arts

This is Our Music

Argy Bargy, The Damned and The Meteors join fans for a weekend of alternative music. "We've all united to fight the menace that is the X Factor" Capt. Sensible.

Feature Doc.  95 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

The Clothes, the Cars & the Music

The Rockin' scene's annual hootnanny. "The 'underground music scene is rarely presented as it truly is - this film finally redresses the balance".


Feature Doc.  75 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

The Happy End

Performing 'The Oakey Strike Evictions' at the Hackney Empire.

Music promo 5 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

The Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch

Sculptor Paul Badger gives a dark and disturbing performance of the classic fairground attraction with his own carved puppets. Selected for Channel 4's First Frame strand.

Channel 4 First Frame 12mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

Campaign Films

Gulf War Protest

Feature film makers contribute to the anti-war protest with this 35mm short photographed by David Griffiths with equipment supplied by Joe Dunton.

Short 12 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon


Martin Bell Fights Brentwood

The crusader in the white suit takes on Eric Pickles and the Peniel Pentecostal Church.

Short  Doc. 30 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

A Tin Can with a Silencer

The Media Workers Against the War led the protest against George H Bush's war in Iraq. John Pilger, Paul Foot and Eamonn McCabe feature in this film recording those events.

Short  Doc. 35 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon

Oxford Beggar Traps

Mark Thomas joins a campaign to protest against Oxford City Council.

Online promo 3 mins

Prod/Dir :Mic Dixon